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The Positive Impact of Thank You Cards in Business

 …and Why You Should Handwrite Them

The handwritten thank you card used to be considered modern etiquette. But mailing or delivering handwritten thank you cards has become less common in today’s business world.

It is as though we have forgotten the significance of saying “Thank You.” The way we communicate says a lot about how we feel and demonstrates sincerity.

It’s easy and convenient to type out a quick email or send a “Thanks!” text to a prospect or customer. The “thank you” voice mail is common-enough these days and better than nothing. But if you really want to make an impression, pull out a quality writing tool and pen a nice thank you note. By applying your unique handwriting, you will give the message your personal touch.

1.  Stand out from the crowd! Everything about the experience becomes more memorable. When is the last time you received a handwritten note from a business? People will remember your note (and possibly even save it too).

2. Be more sincere and heartfelt when communicating. When you take the time to handwrite a note, your brain slows a little, giving you time to consider the message you’re trying to deliver. The end result tends to feel more sincere and heartfelt. Consider all the people who used to write romantic letters, before there were phones and computers.

3. Become more personal. Websites and email programs are sophisticated enough to address people by their first name via “personalization.” But a handwritten note allows you to become personal in a way that automation cannot. When writing a handwritten note, don’t forget to greet a person by name and reference something unique to that individual or your prior interactions.

4. Convey your commitment to detail. In a this casual, fast-paced world, a handwritten note demonstrates that the small things matter. That sends a strong message. The person receiving the note may think, “Wow, if they put this level of thought into a thank you note, I can only imagine the level of detail that goes into his/her service.”

The best way to learn the habit of sending handwritten thank you cards is to make sure your team has all the necessary tools within reach. Paper, folded or flat cards with envelopes are a great start!

Consider foil-lined envelopes for an eye-catching touch. And stamps always seem to be unavailable when you need them the most, so work with your accounting department to acquire a booklet of stamps for each sales person per month. Of course, ask your team to keep a log of all of the cards they’re sending for accounting purposes.

And, of course, using the right handwriting instrument will make all the difference! Avoid pens and paper which smears the ink. Use a pen you trust will not run out of ink half-way through the message – to avoid the “black and blue thank you! Consider investing in high-quality, custom pens and delivering them to your sales and leadership teams to write those thank you notes. Perhaps purchase additional pens for delivery with the thank you card to your prospects and customers?

Below are three of my favorite writing pens. We can even laser engrave them with your logo – just in case you need a promotional opportunity!

This Blue Cross Aventura Starry Ballpoint Pen has a lifetime mechanical guarantee!

This Metal Waterman Hemisphere Stainless GT Ball Point Pen is a classic!

Our Guillox® 9 Stylus is a twist-retractable ballpoint and stylus and is available in Black, Blue and Cinnamon.

For more writing instrument options, please feel free to request a quote online or receive a free promotional consultationGreat products, great people, and great customers are the key ingredients to our success in building long term client relationships. We want our customers’ to think of New London as members of their marketing team, but just not on their payroll.” 

Larry Ballew
Experienced Promotional & Corporate Apparel Consultant
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