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Deliver Unique (Haptic) Experiences with Printed Marketing

Experiences from unique printed marketing campaigns & collateral are more powerful, & long-lasting,  than digital impressions.

Whenever your team begins planning your next company marketing project, don’t forget the printed collateral!  Printed campaign materials provide a unique opportunity to deliver more meaningful, longer-lasting connections with your audience.

Research has shown that paper-based content offer a compelling advantage. Neuroscientists performed a study comparing the effects of paper vs. digital using eye-tracking and EEG brain wave measurement. Printed materials were easier to process mentally and better for brand recall than digital consumption, perhaps because print impacts all four senses when digital only impacts two senses. The more senses stimulated, the longer the recipient will remember their experience.


Consider using shapes or folds to create and deliver a unique experience. 

At New London, we can help you plan and project manage the printed components of your next campaign. For instance, there are many ways to improve the actual tactile experience for your printed materials.

One of the most popular methods today is known as Soft Touch.  Soft Touch provides a silky-like feeling which emulates the experience of rubbing your fingers across velvet.  We accomplish this by printing your artwork onto a Soft Touch paper or we can produce your piece utilizing a common paper first, then we add a Soft Touch coating to the piece during production.

Print advertising & marketing can maximize sensory appeal. Print offers the ability to deliver rich, vivid images along with tactile stimuli. –Forbes

Another way to activate the powerful sense of touch for your audience is to modify the size or thickness of your printed materials. Changing the dimensions of your project can result in more exposure, thereby increasing your opportunity for engagement. We have the ability to create brochures, posters, cards and other collateral in unique sizes. Our only size constraints occur when producing and delivering direct mail.

Don’t forget about shape!!! Die-cutting, adding holes to create a 3D viewing experience adds depth and inspires interest. Round corners, short sheets and artful angles create dynamic and memorable experiences. Embossing,  debossing, layering inks, applying coatings, scoring rules, perforation and other production processes can be applied to your project with minimal cost.

Next time you’re planning a marketing project, contact us for a complimentary print and marketing consultation.

Charity has been working in the print and marketing industry since 2004, with a background focused on internet and social media marketing including cross-media.

Charity shares her years of marketing expertise for New London clients, demonstrating proven results.


Charity Zierten   •   Experienced Marketing Professional
czierten {at} mynewlondon {dot com}   •   O: 678.442.1363