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5 Tips for Making a Pocket Folder “POP”

Arguably one of the most functional of all printed marketing solutions is the pocket folder. They are the perfect solution for collecting, organizing and presenting marketing collateral and almost every business in every industry used a pocket folder at one time or another. Because of their amazing functionality, pocket folders have become a common asset in a marketing portfolio making it somewhat hard to stand out against the competition using just this single marketing piece alone. So, from our humble printer perspective, here are a few tips for you that may help to make that common marketing piece, not so common:

#1. Size matters.

Traditional pocket folders are usually right around that 9” x 12” size so that they can hold the standard 8.5” x 11” content pieces comfortably. Even just a slight size change (smaller or larger) can make your folder stand out amongst the dozens of others that come across a client’s desk. Making a slight change rather than going totally outside the box will still allow you to keep your interior materials a common size – which is ideal if you plan to keep it relevant and update it often.

#2. Send a message.

Rather than just creating a beautiful carrier piece that only contains your logo and address – think about trying to create some value for the folder itself. Treat the folder as a sales piece that shows off products and services or customer testimonials. A lot of times, if we’re lucky our clients will glance at the materials inside the piece, but if the bottom line is right there on the folder you have a good chance at getting them to keep reading!

#3. A “cut” above the rest.

Pocket folders don’t have to be boring, they just have to be functional. Consider a die cut option – even just for the pocket flaps themselves. Even just adding a curved pocket along with a tasteful design can change the entire feel of the piece. Strategic die-cutting can also help to reinforce branding!!

#4. Make an Impression.

Get your customers to use more of their senses by not only looking at your pocket folder but using their sense of touch. You can accomplish this in a few ways. Try incorporating an emboss/deboss or foil stamp to your design. These elements add that little something extra that will get your pocket folder to stand out. Another way to add some “feel-factor” is to add a coating to your piece – soft touch laminate, a spot UV, the options there are endless.

#5. Form and function.

We have already agreed that pocket folders are fairly common marketing collateral, but maybe you don’t need a full fledged pocket folder to carry your message – maybe you need a booklet with a pocket for drop-ins. Maybe you need a brochure that has some space for filling in custom options. You don’t have to stay inside the box on this one – we have tons of samples of pieces that can represent your brand, carry your sales collateral and stand out from the pack. Don’t just keep printing pocket folders because that’s what you’ve always done.

All of these are great ways to elevate a simple pocket folder if that’s what your marketing arsenal needs or give us a call today to see some samples of items that are outside the box that can still achieve your mission of taking your business to the next level!

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