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More than a motto, an aspiration, or a catch phrase, Environmental Stewardship is a responsibility. As a major consumer of paper goods, we understand there is more at stake than our providing the highest quality marketing materials to our customers.

At New London we see consider the greater environmental picture and know the commercial print industry offers a unique opportunity to help protect our planet for future generations.

New London’s efforts to reduce our carbon footprint include these recycling initiatives:

  • Re-using washable cloths for press wipe downs instead of disposable towels.
  • Collecting paper, plastic and metal disposables into special with the use of recycling collection bins.
  • Sending all recyclable waste to recycling centers.
  • Distributing all used solvents to a network of machine shops for reuse.


  • Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
  • We encourage businesses to consider utilizing recycled paper stock for their printed deliverables. New London collaborates with to discourage dependence on direct mail campaigns and offer alternative solutions.
  • New London produces highly targeted messages (and higher response rates) with less paper and a reduced carbon footprint. With variable data printing our clients can produce less fewer mail campaigns while increasing their marketing ROI!
  • The New London Materials Substitution program includes replacing our 100% petroleum-based inks with Soy Inks – without sacrificing print quality. We have reduced our annual production of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) by over 20%!

New London demonstrates our leadership within the print industry with our commitment to achieving a sustainable environment. Partner with New London to strategically reduce your corporate carbon footprint while building intelligent and targeted marketing campaigns that achieve results.