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Tradeshows are an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and cost-effectively market your products or services. Graphics and stunning visual displays can help you catch the eye of your target audience, encouraging them to engage with your representatives at the tradeshow. A tradeshow booth can be a profitable investment to help you reach new customers and network with industry leaders, especially when you work with an experienced partner like New London.

At New London, we deliver custom event displays and materials for tradeshow booths. Ranging from initial concept to full production, our capabilities allow us to provide a seamless solution for your tradeshows throughout the year.

Tradeshow Booths and Event Displays Overview

New London creates custom event displays and tradeshow booths so that your brand can stand out at these events. Our one-stop display solutions can maximize your return on your marketing investment and make a lasting impact on customers. To help you achieve your tradeshow goals, we take your event and tradeshow materials from concept design to production and offer custom exhibits, hardware, graphics, and portables. Our facility uses state-of-the-art printing technology, including dye sub, latex, and UV printing for large-format graphics printing.

Tradeshow Capabilities

New London possesses various capabilities to maximize your tradeshow returns. Our tradeshow offerings include:

  • World-class graphics and printing services
  • Printed wearables and promotional items
  • Tracking for cross-media campaigns leading up to and following the tradeshow
  • A tradeshow scheduling website for managing multiple tradeshows and booth assets
  • Storage, setup, inspection, and shipping of all your tradeshow booths and materials throughout the year

Benefits of Tradeshow Booths

Visually impressive tradeshow booths offer several benefits to your business. They allow your brand to engage with your target market and speak directly with potential customers in person. Businesses can create meaningful connections with other players in the space and evaluate the competition. These features make tradeshows a more effective and cost-efficient marketing method overall than cold calls or email blasts.

Event Services From New London

Tradeshow booths and assets are ideal methods of showcasing your brand at a tradeshow. Investing in high-quality graphics and materials can offer a greater return on the time and money you put into each event. Tradeshows provide the opportunity to expand brand awareness, speak with potential customers, scout the competition, and form bonds with other industry players.

With over 35 years of experience in the print, marketing, and fulfillment industry, New London offers several capabilities to support your brand. We specialize in graphics and prints for tradeshows, exhibits, outdoor events, point-of-sale advertisements, and retail spaces. To ensure your tradeshow is a success, we can design, print, and assemble your tradeshow assets, which include signage, banners, backdrops, and kiosks. We can also store, set up, inspect, and ship out all your tradeshow assets whenever you need them. 

Contact us to speak with a team member about your upcoming tradeshow needs.