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If you have a design or branding challenge, the New London team is here to help. We specialize in providing custom creative and design services, with a can-do attitude. For projects large and small, our dependable design services will help you achieve your business goals.

Creative Design Services Overview

In addition to running your business, it takes time to develop a brand identity to distinguish yourself as a leader in your field. It can be a challenge to increase exposure, gain market share, or craft an engaging narrative. That’s why partnering with New London simplifies the process.

We offer a comprehensive suite of creative design services to support your existing in-house work or to serve as your primary creative team, including:

  • Complete Brand Management
  • Concept Development
  • Logo and Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Social Media Ads/Campaigns
  • Email Marketing and Newsletters
  • Packaging and Prototypes


We support clients in many different industries with marketing and brand-forward materials that help them reach business goals. 

Here are some examples from our portfolio:

  • Alpha Delta Pi Pocket Folder
  • Casteel Booth
  • Georgia Department of Economic Development Brochure
  • John Lewis Brochure
  • Home Depot Xmas Card
  • Gwinnett Village Annual Report Brochure
  • Georgia’s Own Credit Union Brochure
  • Mohawk Group Booth
  • Iluvien Pocket Folder
  • King Center MLK Awards Dinner Invitation and Calendar
  • Mercy Care Pocket Folder

Benefits of Creative Design Services

Working with New London for your creative design needs offers many benefits, such as:

  • Highest-Quality. We’ll take your concepts or drafts and develop images, videos, or written content with a high-quality, professional look and feel.
  • Impact. Our designs help your business get noticed with brochures, posters, banners, and promotional materials that stand out and align with your branding and message.
  • User Engagement. Visually interesting, informative design attracts more attention and allows your company to stay top of mind. This in turn drives engagement with your brand because people will want to learn more.
  • Value and ROI. Top-quality creative design services are an investment in your company’s future. Well-planned and executed materials increase brand awareness, name recognition, and conversions.

Creative Design Services from New London

The experienced design team at New London is here for you. We’re a one-stop provider for custom marketing and promotional materials, packaging, and graphic design that reflect your brand and get your message across clearly and with maximum impact. Trust us to learn about your business goals and become your partner to help you reach them. 

Please contact us to discuss your company’s needs and to learn how we can help.