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When looking for ways to highlight your brand, it’s important to remember the advertising opportunities that your interior spaces have to offer. At New London, you can rely on our interior solutions to transform your ordinary space into a branded experience that will captivate your customers. Our state of the art manufacturing facility offers various tailored solutions ranging from unique ceiling designs to engaging wall treatments to optimize aesthetical appeal and brand awareness.

The Canvas of Your Business: Walls, Windows, Doors, Floors, and Ceilings

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the business world, graphics provide more than just visual appeal; they’re a method for displaying brand messaging using an impactful, high-visibility medium designed to draw and delight your target audience. 

Re-establish your establishment by using your walls, windows, doors, floors, and ceilings to display visual images that heighten brand awareness. You can use the interior space of your office as a canvas, decorating the walls with striking floor-to-ceiling graphics that help define your brand identity and give visitors a true sense of your business. Backlit silicon edge graphics (SEGs) are another high-impact option, creating wall coverings that draw the eye for their inclusion of light and vibrant color. 

You can also combine function with aesthetics by using practical items like window and door shades, as well. By printing custom designs on shades, you not only contribute to the feel of your interior space but also provide an external brand visual as people approach your facility.

Customization: Tailoring to Your Brand’s Identity

Personalizing your space with your brand’s color scheme, logo, product or service images, and more will grab customers’ attention as they enter and create a truly memorable experience. For chain businesses, that experience should also be recognizable and in keeping with your other locations. All these elements enhance perceived value when potential customers or clients walk through your space.

At New London, we understand that the quality of your interior graphic solutions directly impacts the way your customers view your business. We offer an extensive selection of colors, offering hundreds of choices to ensure your visuals are consistent with your brand’s identity. Our company also works with multiple high-quality substrates and materials, allowing us to deliver a lasting solution suitable for your specific requirements and interior space. Our team of professionals will install your custom graphics and visuals in your space, giving you the peace of mind that they’ll remain for as long as you wish them to.

Extending Your Brand Beyond the Interior: Exterior Solutions

A building can do so much more than simply house your business. As we mentioned, exterior-facing visuals also improve brand awareness and the public’s engagement with your company. In addition to branded graphics, you can make your visuals more impactful and boost customer interest by incorporating current events, seasonal or holiday themes, and specials or service updates into your exterior displays and surfaces. Establishing a recognizable brand identity can help increase foot traffic and promote brand value.

Take the First Step Towards Exceptional Branding – Contact Us

Your walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors are an opportunity to highlight your brand with powerful visuals. Using advanced printing technology and premium inks, New London can create custom graphics that meet your marketing goals and align with your brand image. In addition to our interior solutions, our extensive offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Branded apparel
  • Promotional products
  • Event displays and booths
  • Commercial printing
  • Screenprinting and embroidery
  • Graphic and logo design
  • Company Stores and procurement

Our experts will help recommend branding solutions for the interior and exterior of your business space to make your brand recognizable and encourage awareness. To learn more about our capabilities and how we can support your marketing efforts, contact us today.