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Branded apparel allows customer-facing businesses to leverage people’s enjoyment of quality clothing to enhance brand awareness and reputation. By placing your logo on apparel from New London, such as on the front of a hat, the pocket of a shirt, or splayed across the back of a jacket, you can turn customers into brand ambassadors, increasing the wearer’s commitment to your brand while gaining the attention of new clients.

Apparel Overview

From your sunglasses down to your shoes, apparel provides a unique way to advertise your company and display your logo. Whether you offer it as a promotional gift or sell it to make a direct profit, promotional clothing and apparel reflect your vision for your brand using a marketing medium that’s highly visible to your target audience. 

At New London, we offer a diverse line of branded apparel that you can select from and customize for special promotions, expo giveaways, gifts for star customers, and products in your own merchandise stores. Our offerings feature premium and name-brand corporate apparel, combining local and offshore sourcing to ensure you get the best quality and value for your investment. We then transform these foundational products with state-of-the-art technology. Our dedicated team creates unique, colorful designs using advanced materials and inks, giving you a final product you’ll be proud to give out and wear. 

Our Decorating Capabilities

The New London team understands that the products we decorate are a reflection of your brand’s image, which is why our team is dedicated to quality. We provide multiple versatile and innovative options for decorating your apparel and other promotional products: embroidery, screenprinting, heat press, patches and other applications..


Through high-quality embroidery, New London uses thread in a variety of colors to create raised, texturized logos, designs, and text on your branded apparel products. From jackets to hats, we provide lots of customization options with on-time delivery so that you can achieve the look you want on your schedule. This technique is a great choice for:

  • Customized uniforms
  • Team gifts and gear
  • Corporate attire
  • Tradeshow giveaway bags
  • Blankets and customized client gifts


Screen Printing

Screenprinting creates vibrant, detailed designs on fabric, allowing you to customize t-shirts, polos, dresses, aprons, and more. At New London, we use cutting-edge screenprinting technology and premium-quality inks to create multicolor text and images that will hold up over time. To make a lasting impression on potential customers, screen-printed apparel is a great option for the following items:

  • Golf tournament merchandise and commemorative gifts
  • Corporate uniforms or giveaways
  • School or sports team shirts
  • Fundraiser gifts and promotional items

Benefits of Branded Apparel

Purchasing promotional apparel is an investment in your company’s marketing and brand reputation. Banded apparel contributes to a positive ROI by helping:

  • Increase total brand awareness by exposing more people to your company name and logo
  • Showcase your brand on quality products to instill customer confidence in your business
  • Gain a competitive advantage through vibrant visuals that will catch a potential customer’s eye
  • Market your company through memorable — yet cost-effective — giveaways
  • Establish relationships with the community by using apparel to highlight connections to local charities, etc.
  • Foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit with branded apparel that unifies the wearers

Branded Apparel From New London

As a full-service marketing services provider, New London is committed to highlighting your brand with beautifully branded apparel and gift products. We offer custom embroidery and screenprinting options for premium apparel in a wide range of colors, sizes, and product options to meet every budget. Contact our team today to learn more about advertising your company and services with branded apparel.