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Eric Rountree

I am pleased to announce that I have bought our business from private equity.  Our legal name is the same as our old name, New London Communications, LLC. But don’t worry, our clients and friends can still call us “New London.”

We have survived many changes in the past 16 years since I joined the New London team.

We have…

  • grown from a $1mm company to an $8mm company.
  • diversified our offering multiple times to to match our products and services suite to the ever-changing needs of our customers.
  • outlasted the US’s largest recession in our lifetime, compounded with dynamic technology shifts in marketing that were not to our favor (for example: digital media).
  • made multiple meaningful acquisitions to onboard new employees, clients and services.


Simply put: Because of our people.

I believe very strongly in our team and what we are capable of accomplishing together.  We are a smart, flexible and nimble group that can match our clients’ needs with our capabilities in the blink of an eye.  We adapt to the needs of our clients but we rarely ask our clients to adapt to us.

In the past, I don’t believe we have fully embraced this unique value proposition, or deliberately conveyed this message in our marketing.  In spite of this, our clients have known about our little secret – and that’s why they are confident they can depend on us to help them meet their goals!


We will hold our heads high, take pride in our work and have more fun here at New London!  I believe there is a better balance available to us. We will work hard AND we will incorporate more fun into our culture.

We will also continue to hone our skills as integrated marketers by investing in new digital media services and by becoming masters of multi-channel communications for our clients.

We will work to instill a culture of curiosity about our clients’ businesses into our daily activities and all of our client interactions.  We will focus on impacting our client’s success using known and new products and services.  We will begin by asking probing questions about client goals, opening new doors of possibility, and by adding value to our relationships with a consultative approach.

This culture of curiosity will preserve New London’s place at the forefront of innovation. Our new vision and client-centric mindset will keep us nimble, even in the complex world of marketing and communications. New London will not merely keep up with the printing industry… we will lead the way for others to follow!

We look forward to a bold, bright 2016 and beyond!

Eric Rountree, CEO has been in the print and integrated marketing communications industry since 1992 and joined New London Communications in 2000.  Eric Rountree - Print,Integrated, Client-Centric

Eric has a wife and two daughters and enjoys coaching them in softball.  He is also an avid golfer and enjoys most all things outdoors.

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