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The Impact of Cross Media Campaigns

Recently, a client was seeking to improve traffic on their website prior to launching an ecommerce site in the new year.  They wanted to encourage clients to purchase items from their online store.

We brainstormed ideas and landed on beginning their strategy with an e-blast campaign to their existing clients on a bi-weekly basis.  My client had excellent customer data, which is the cornerstone to executing a successful campaign.  With their customers located around the globe, email marketing was the most cost-effective method to jumpstart their campaign.

Their initial email demonstrated an immediate impact with their online sales, about $22,500!  The response coupled with the data derived from our tracking software convinced us that the strategy had enough traction to continue.

The email click-rate was high, over 40%!

Customers that were not normally making purchases were doing so and the per-purchase revenue was higher than usual – one respondent spent over $8,000!

Later in the campaign, we introduced a direct mail postcard to complement the eblast. The mailer directed customers to the online store via a QR code – which we were able to track and provide the response data to the client.

The campaign continues to grow and the client is very pleased with the success.

Please contact New London if your company is seeking new ways to reach your audience, drive sales and demonstrate ROI. We have the experience and the expertise to maximize your marketing budget.

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