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Which Print Production Process is Best for Your Project, Offset or Digital?

Which Print Production Process Should You Choose?

The two most common printing processes used today are Conventional Offset & Digital. The traditional thought process is that offset produces a higher quality product. However, the HP Indigo digital press offers a quality comparable to offset with faster turn times and at lower costs. But, how do you know which type of printing is best for your project?

Here are some questions to consider when deciding:

1. What is the quantity needed?

2. What is the size of the printed piece?

3. What is the deadline for the project?

Let’s Review the Pro’s & Cons of Conventional Offset & Digital Imaging!

Offset Production Print Process

Digital Printing Production Process

Give me a call and we’ll review your needs and determine the ideal production process for your next printing project.

Using the guidelines above, we’ll consider your project needs and provide you with a competitive project quote.

Need assistance with your next printing project from an expert you can trust? Contact us for a complimentary consultation or submit your request for a quote!Expert Print Consultant Mark Stanko

Mark has been in the printing industry for 23 years and he really enjoys working with clients.

When working with Mark, you will have confidence that your projects are in good hands.

Mark Stanko   •   Senior Account Executive
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