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“Which Font Should We Choose for Our Project?”

This is a common question we hear from clients today. Within this article are a few tips and resources to help you determine the right font for your project.

“90% of design is typography. And the other 90% is whitespace.”

– Jeffrey Zeldman, “The Year in Design”

 Is your font choice unique?

Are you combining multiple fonts, attributes or colors to create a unique experience?

If your goal is to demonstrate a “trustworthy” or “tried-and-true” message, select a commonly-used font. The most popular fonts in 2015, according to, were: Futura, Aperçu, Proxima, Nova, Gotham, Brown, Avenir, Caslon, Brandon Grotesque, GT Walsheim and Circular.

If you’re striving to develop a unique look and feel, consider investing in an unknown font. A word of caution for designers: when selecting a unique or obscure typeface, it is wise to purchase the font in multiple formats for various purposes online and offline. When considering a True Type font, we recommend verifying there is an Open Type version available and purchasing it as well.

Which font should you use? 

Below are a few resources and articles to help you determine the ideal font selection for your project. 

1. Offering unique insights, DesignYourWay discusses how your font choice strongly influences the effectiveness of your message.

From legibility to size, kerning and spacing, this article also addresses the importance of using contrast to create a memorable experience.

2. Fonts by Canva at explains why your font choice matters.

You’ll also learn the difference between a font and a typeface, what types of fonts exist, and how to select the right font.

3. This Smashing Magazine article offers five principles for selecting typefaces including:

• Dress for the Occasion
• Know Your Families: Grouping Fonts
• Don’t Be a Wimp: The Principle of Decisive Contrast
• A Little Can Go a Long Way

WAIT! Are you looking for a fun font distraction? 

Play Cheese or Font! You may be surprised. It is more challenging than it sounds.

What do designers say about fonts?

Some of the best font meme’s shown below were located on Pinterest.

Browse around and view the wedding fonts, new and noteworthy fonts, great pairings and the 100 Best Typefaces to find unique font ideas for your next project.

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