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Versatility is Dye Sublimation’s greatest advantage for printers and marketers. 

First, lets discuss what Dye Sublimation is.

Dye Sublimation is the process of printing specialized inks onto a special paper (we call this a substrate). Then we “transfer ” the image to the final product using heat, pressure and time to your product.

Once the ink is heated, it transforms from a solid to a gas! The gas becomes permanently adhered to any poly coated/synthetic-based substrate. For instance, a shirt, flag , pillow, door mat, trade show graphic, banner stand, coffee mug or almost anything can be produced using dye-sublimation. Unlike screen printing and iron-ons, the final product will not crack, peel or wash off – the design is permanently dyed onto the product.  

One growing – and popular – use of the dye-sub process is the printing of fabric. When bright, vivid graphics are desired, dye-sublimation will display the colors in almost perfect detail.

Think about the use of graphics during trade shows. Huge banners and stands, large signage, backlit displays and reverse lighted displays all can be produced utilizing dye sublimation technology.

Additional advantages include portability and affordable shipping,  due to the wrinkle-free and stretching characteristics of fabric. Printed dye-sub fabrics are easily cleaned, reducing the need for frequent graphic reprints.

The versatility of dye sublimation is almost limitless! We can print unique and original designs on almost anything.

Please contact your New London representative to receive a sample of our Dye-Sub work and learn more about the many dye-sublimated products we can offer your business.