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In our previous post, 5 Promotional Products to Give You The Advantage, Larry explained the value of utilizing promotional products in your advertising and marketing strategies.

The right promotional product can expand awareness of your company, brand and products to an audience that consists not just of the customer who receives the product, but every member of his or her social circle and any member of the general public who sees that person use the promotional product later on. But the wrong promotional product doesn’t expand your company’s brand awareness; it just winds up in the trash.

But how do you choose the right promotional product? Sometimes a little creativity is in order, but at other times, it’s best to stick with what is tried and true. These promotional items have been found to be effective time and time again.

#6 Bottle and Can Koozies
Custom bottle and can koozies are popular because who doesn’t want to keep his or her drink cool on a hot summer’s day? Your promotional koozie reminds your customers of what your business can do for them, and it expands brand awareness to everyone your customers socialize with.

#7 Stress Balls
Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, and your customers are no exception. Of course, stress balls may not be appropriate for every customer base, but if you cater to people in high-stress industries, this is an excellent idea. Get creative and have this promotional item made in a shape that matches your line of business. If you run a dojo, for example, choose a ninja-head stress ball; if you’re in the sustainability business, choose one decorated to resemble the planet Earth.

#8 Travel Drink Ware
Everyone’s on the go these days, and your customers will almost certainly appreciate, keep and use a promotional travel mug or water bottle. Customers say that mugs are among the most popular and useful promotional items across perceived price ranges. At least one-fifth of customers are likely to keep such a product for five years or more.

#9 Puzzles or Toys
If your customers are often obligated to bring their kids to your business, it makes sense to offer something of entertainment value for the youngsters — it’ll keep the kids quiet and happy, and the parents will be grateful and more likely to recommend your services to others. But toys and games aren’t just for kids; adults can enjoy these products too. Think a promotional flying disc or a brain-teasing puzzle. The sky’s the limit, so give your creativity free rein.

#10 Color-Changing Products
“Mood” products that change color have been popular for years, and they’re sure to generate a lot of buzz for your company and products. Choose stadium cups that change color when filled with hot or cold liquid, or pencils that transform at a touch. No matter what kind of promotional item you’d like to offer, chances are you can find a color-change version of it.

Promotional products can fill needs your customers didn’t even know they had, but only if you choose the right ones. Pens, USB sticks, koozies, travel mugs and reusable shopping bags are just a few of the promotional items that are sure to be a hit with fans of your business.

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