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Announcing Our New Logo, Website & Email Addresses


An open letter from Eric Rountree, CEO

Exciting changes are taking place here at New London in 2016!

We have recently updated our website and email domain from to  Our reasons for this change were two fold: • To shorten the keystrokes required to reach us!  Our new URL requires 12 fewer keystrokes − or 44% less time to type. Wow, now that’s a significant increase in efficiency!

•     To redefine our message for our employees, customers, vendors and stakeholders. At New London, we believe in the importance of taking ownership and demonstrating accountability. This philosophy is at the heart of THE NEW LONDON WAY and embedded within our core values.

What is The New London Way?

For our clients, our message is simple.  New London is your partner and an extension of your team.  We are YOUR New London!

•     For our employees, we encourage you to work and think like an owner.  As individuals, we are accountable to our coworkers, customers, vendors and stakeholders. Everything we do is to the best of our ability.  Conversely, New London is accountable to our team. We are committed to providing a safe, professional and nurturing environment. We are invested in YOU!

I am not a very sappy guy, but I believe strongly that when you treat something like it’s your own, you will strive to make it better every day. You will begin to see our success as your success.  And that is the goal for MYNEWLONDON.COM!


 About our New Logo

As we begin our 29th year, we reflect on how our name has evolved over the years. From New London Press to New London Press & Communications to New London Communications, we’ve made the transformation from a small printing company to integrated marketing company. Throughout our transformation, our clients have always referred to us as simply “New London.”

I believe that “You are who they say you are.” In our case, this is a good thing!

Therefore, beginning 2.15.2016 we are removing “Communications” from our logo. We are branding New London in a manner that is more conducive to representing our  brand across platforms: print, digital and social marketing.

In short, we love it and hope you’ll like it too!

Please feel free to share your feedback about these changes with us. Check out our new website, view our latest work, learn more about our core values or connect with us!

Eric Rountree, CEO