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What Do Haircuts and Die Cuts Have in Common?

OK, I admit it. I don’t go to a fancy salon to get my hair cut.

I  visit one of those walk-in places that charges under $20, and I take my chances on who will be available to cut my hair. Lucky for me, I have short, straight hair that pretty much does what I want it to. I don’t want to spend hours blow drying and styling, and my hair pretty much looks the same every day.

Having said that, I have plenty of friends who book their hair appointments weeks in advance and will only let their tried, true and proven hairdresser anywhere near their hair.  For some of them, it’s because they have curly hair that needs extra attention. Some have hair that is too thick or too thin. And, for others, it’s just a matter of preference. They’ve tried other places and people, but keep coming back to the hairdresser who, in their view, gave them the best haircut and makes them look and feel great.

It recently dawned on me that choosing a printer is a lot like choosing a hairdresser. There is a plethora of online and bargain printers to choose from. When the job is a no-nonsense, basic, nothing-fancy piece, then it can make sense to use one of these options – there isn’t a lot of room for error. Kind of like short, straight hair.

Yet, when things get more complex, whether it’s related to the size of the piece, a specialty varnish, spot color, a die cut, a pocket, or even large quantities, then it’s time to choose a printer that is tried, true and proven.

Do you really want to entrust your corporate brochure to an unknown, faceless entity?

This is a piece that your sales team will rely on daily, that you will use at client and prospect meetings, events, trade shows, with press and analysts, and is the printed showpiece for your company.

I remember one time I was commenting to a friend about my bargain haircut. He (yes, a man) had recently paid more than double what I did. His explanation was that EVERYONE saw his hair, EVERY DAY, and he couldn’t understand why anyone would skimp when it came to their haircut. Hmm…that makes you think at little, doesn’t it?

While price may be a factor, quality must also be part of the print equation. At New London, quality isn’t just about delivering the final product. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the level of service you receive along the way. We are dedicated to getting the job done correctly, on-time and on-budget. When working with New London, you’ll have confidence that we will make you look your best, every time.

Next time you need a trustworthy print and marketing consultation, please reach out. My contact information is below.

With over 9 years of experience in the print and marketing industry, Gerardine is happiest meeting people and helping with their print, marketing, event, and trade show needs. A reliable client favorite, she is always keen to listening to the details, offering expert advice, reviewing marketing options and demonstrating cost savings.  Gerardine’s hobbies are tennis and reading – but might not do both at the same time!

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