“Which Font Should We Choose for Our Project?”

This is a common question we hear from clients today. Within this article are a few tips and resources to help you determine the right font for your project. “90% of design is typography. And the other 90% is whitespace.” – Jeffrey Zeldman, “The Year...

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The Importance of Proofing in the Printing Process

Proof your printing project?  Who has time for that? Well, you do, that’s who!  It might just be the most important part of the project. We are all busy. At New London, we get it.  Deadlines sneak up, we become overloaded on other important projects, and everyone is...

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Deliver Unique (Haptic) Experiences with Printed Marketing

Experiences from unique printed marketing campaigns & collateral are more powerful, & long-lasting,  than digital impressions. Whenever your team begins planning your next company marketing project, don’t forget the printed collateral!  Printed campaign...

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The Positive Impact of Thank You Cards in Business

 …and Why You Should Handwrite Them The handwritten thank you card used to be considered modern etiquette. But mailing or delivering handwritten thank you cards has become less common in today’s business world. It is as though we have forgotten the...

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I am pleased to announce that I have bought our business from private equity.  Our legal name is the same as our old name, New London Communications, LLC. But don’t worry, our clients and friends can still call us “New London.” We have survived many...

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The Impact of Cross Media Campaigns

Recently, a client was seeking to improve traffic on their website prior to launching an ecommerce site in the new year.  They wanted to encourage clients to purchase items from their online store. We brainstormed ideas and landed on beginning their strategy with an...

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