We foster a climate and culture of “can-do” at New London. Each professional is a trusted team player who is empowered to make decisions to ensure that projects deliver successfully.

New London professionals aren’t afraid of a challenge. We thrive on it. From tight turnarounds to detailed handwork to complex variable data projects, we bring our creative problem solving skills to bear.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Are In!


Thank you for completing our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey. We had over 10% percent respond (101 participants). We are very excited to share our results with you!

  1. “How would you rate your overall satisfaction with New London Communications?
    We received a flattering 93% “Very Satisfied or Satisfied” score.
  2. “How would you rate our Customer Service & Support?
    95% rated us with “Very Satisfied or Satisfied.”This score demonstrates how much we love our New London clients!
  3. Curious about New London’s product quality?
    We received a whopping 98.1% “Excellent or Good” rating from our customers. It’s a team effort from our 50+ New London employees!
  4. How fast can we get your order out the door?
    We received a 96% “Excellent or Good” rating in project speed and turnaround time category. That’s pretty fast! Now you know who to call when you need to get your project turned quickly.

Our customer’s rated us at 90.1% for “Excellent or Good” on our pricing and the value we provide. All-in-all, we are very pleased with the results, but we will keep working hard to achieve that perfect score!

Great customer service, excellent product quality, and quick production – so one might assume we are more expensive than the others? Although we don’t strive to be the cheapest (those companies don’t last very long in this business), we do aim to deliver great value to our customers at a competitive price.

Again, we want to thank all of our clients who participated in our New London Survey, and offer a big congratulations to Jennifer Lee on winning the iPad Mini.

As always, thank you for your business. Please remember the New London Team is always here to help you build your business!