CoolScreen Graphics Roller Shades

CoolScreen is ready to help build your brand by displaying your logo, imagery and your message on our printed roller shades!

Our expert staff will turn your corporate logo and messages into an attractive, attention-grabbing roller shade. CoolScreen utilizes the latest technology in custom graphic applications, ensuring a long-lasting professional product.


  • Outdoor Durable
  • UV Resistant
  • Our CoolScreen solutions reduce energy costs by:
    – Maximizing the use of natural light
    – Maximizing heat retention during winter
    – Reduce the amount of solar heat absorbed during summer
    – Convey your message without blocking views from the outside

Our products are used in a variety of commercial, educational, healthcare, hospitality, financial, and residential applications. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, quick delivery times, and competitive prices. Our wide product offering allows CoolScreen to offer many window shade solutions from one source.  These products are also used as barriers or removable walls in many applications. 

Your branding can be featured on any of our Manually-Operated Shades, Stationary Non-Operating Shades, and Motorized Shade Systems.

CoolScreen can save your building energy without compromising the comfort of employees and customers. Natural light has a tremendous positive effect on people, promoting a sense of teamwork, higher levels of motivation and organizational attachment.

Display your company logo on our roller shades. We can manufacture our roller shades to any size, and the optimum size for logo images is 19″ wide x 14″ high.

Contact us at  770-442-1363 or for more information and to discuss your application.